Evolved2Game have a position open for an aspiring journalist.

This position is best suited for those that are looking at getting their foot in through the door to see what their capabilities are while building up a portfolio of written article pieces.

It is an added bonus if you know how to use a photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop or Serif Affinity to help make images for your postings.

Doesn’t matter what category your interest is in, be it Anime, Movies, Television or even a niche genre of games the goal is to be able to produce a minimum of 3 posts a week.

Interested? Or know someone that may be? Feel free to mail us at MAIL@EVOLVED2GAME.COM

Be sure to include your name, age and location as well as any information that is relevant.

Really want to give this a try but scared? No problem, drop us a mail anyway and we can have a chat!

Full disclaimer: Initially, this position is purely volunteer work on a probationary period of 4 weeks. Upon completion if you wish to continue writing or producing content a monthly check will be credited to your account based on the amount of views and clicks your content has produced.

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