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Dead by Daylight Mobile BITESIZED

Hi guys, this is Heather from Evolved2Game,
This is BITESIZED, 1 game, 90 seconds. – let’s ROLL!

Dead by Daylight Mobile

  • Dead by Daylight is an asymmetric survival horror game now out on Android and iOS. You either escape, kill or be killed.
  • This is based on the popular hit already on the consoles and PC by the same name
  •  You play as either a survivor or a killer
  •  Each map is randomly generated to ensure a unique gaming experience each time
  •  As a survivor your goal is to turn on 5 of the 7 generators placed around the map to provide power to the exit gate. You either work together to avoid traps free and heal injured teammates. Or go it alone!
  •  As a killer you try to stop the survivors by placing traps, damaging their equipment and tracking them
  •  Using the audio cues are very important to  help complete your objective
  •  Endgame is the last two minutes after all the generators have been turned on. Either everyone left alive escapes. Or darkness takes over.
  •  Once endgame starts there will be a hatch that spawns somewhere on the map, this is a second exit point
  •  There are 20 ranks for each role, with a month long leaderboard for each season.
  •  Each character is customizable with different perks and loadouts to make each match different, and to promote teamplay
  •  There is also unique cosmetic costumes for survivors and killers to show your success


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