Eve Echoes isn’t CCP’s first attempt at a mobile game. A few years ago they tried Eve: War of Ascension which was your cookie cut SLG inspired game where it’s a competition to see how much money you and your group can spend to succeed!

This time CCP has seeked larger outside help to bring their niche game to mobile devices. Netease. Jump to the video below to see what they have got up to so far!

I am honestly wondering how they are going to sell the story on this mobile adaptation. It has been stated that it isn’t going to be linked to their main game directly, it’s its own separate universe.

However, it is using the same ships and character models, so, does this mean they are going to play the alternative universe card? Upon jumping through the original Jump Gates, did half of the humans end up on the original New Eden and half in this new one?

Guess we will wait and see!

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