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Hi guys, this is Heather from Evolved2Game,
This is BITESIZED, 1 game, 90 seconds. – let’s ROLL!


  • Outpost is a free to play game on the PC. It is a mix of  tower defence game and rogue-like elements designed to keep you coming back for more punishment!
  • You appear at the centre of a randomly generated map in one of the four seasons… and you’re tasked with protecting your shrine against all incoming enemies!
  • You can achieve this by…
    • Chopping trees
    • Hitting stones
    • Building snowmen… For a helping hand
    • Activating ruins… For buffs
    • Discovering chests… For bonus loot
    • Using your surroundings
    • Equipping gear… For bonus stats
    • Leveling up skills… For access to stronger items
  • You only get three energy per day, so use it wisely
  • To increase your daily energy, you can use sleeping bags, tents and vitalizing crystals
  • With enemies only attacking at night, you can use your day to collect resources or search the map
  • As you progress you’ll find a range of different enemies all with a different strengths to try to overcome your defences
  • Your defences include, twig, rock and heavy cannons
  • You can use a bow and arrow to help defend
  • Every 5th level you are tasked with defending against an ever stronger boss
  • Leaderboards allow you to show off your survival and base building skills to the rest of the world
  • How many days will you survive?


That’s BITESIZED, give us a like, share and subscribe below! Tell us what you’d like to see next!

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