Looking to lead our brand in a new game?

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Fri Dec 06, 2019 6:00 am

So.. You wish to play a game under one of our registered brands, be it Evolved2Game, Flesh Starved or even Never Idle?

You wish to have the full support of our ever-growing community and help carve a name for yourself?

Don't worry! You won't be on this journey alone, we have an entire management team with decades of experience that is suited to offer support and assistance where they can, ensuring you succeed to the best of your ability!

So what are you waiting for!? Kick start the next chapter of your gaming life today!
Email us at mail@evolved2game.com

Include your real name, your date of birth as well the game you're looking to play using one of our brands, and why you feel you have what it takes to lead a successful game division!
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